Jumeirah Group – Tip-Top Tactics


he Jumeirah Group is a true home grown brand with global aspirations and one that is on an aggressive growth path. The group, which is already one of the largest hospitality firms in the UAE with 10,400 employees and 3000 computer users, has several iconic properties in Dubai, like the Burj Al Arab, some worldwide and is working on more global sites.
“We have been growing at a fast clip and the aim is to reach 50 to 60 hotels by 2011,” says David Teklit, group director of IT infrastructure and IT security, Jumeirah Group. And that growth is just the hotel division.
Befitting an organisation that wants to become a global player of note, the Jumeirah Group pays a lot of attention to technology.
“I would like to quote my CEO here. He always says that information technology is the cornerstone of the organisation. IT infrastructure is the glue that sticks things together and there is no part of the business that IT does not touch. We constantly try to innovate and use technology as a competitive weapon in the marketplace. We use technology to stay different from the competition and to ensure that we always have an edge,” says Teklit.

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