Wireless Future – University of Sharjah


dding onto an existing, functional network is never easy. And when such additions influence the working and living habits of thousands of people, it becomes crucial to make the entire implementation a success.
The University of Sharjah’s (UoS) Computer Centre team was well aware
of this. The Centre handles the IT infrastructure of the sprawling university which prides itself on providing the best in educational facilities and academic courses to thousands of students. And the campus houses all of them along with faculty members in several buildings. The team at the Computer Centre knows that any new technology addition to the university has to meet with stringent requirements and pass many tests.
“We are always looking for new technologies that can be used in the
university for the benefit of students and faculty. We have a reliable network and when we do add onto that we are careful in selecting only those elements which will benefit us further and which will integrate
well with the present working environment of everybody on campus,” says Dr Mostepha Belmihoub, director of the Computer Centre, UoS.

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