Central Bank of the UAE Reduces Mobility Costs and Enhances security with AirWatch



entral bank of the UAE Central Bank of the UAE maintains five branches in major cities of the country, in addition to the Head Office located in the capital city Abu Dhabi. Central Bank branches are located in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Al Ain. Through application of effective prudential supervision policies, adoption of efficient monetary policy and operation of payment systems compatible with best practices, Central Bank maintains a sound banking sector and support stability of the UAE financial system to ensure balanced economic growth.


n a financial institution like Central Bank data leakage is a real problem and top security measures are indeed required. Secondly, in this super-fast mobile world – employees at Central bank also started using company-owned mobile devices to remotely access email, corporate data and user applications. In no time, the IT department realized that there has been a substantial increase in mobile-related support issues. Most of the issues were related to lower user experience with old handsets and device choice. To fight these challenges, CB UAE decided to implement an enterprise mobility management solution. Deciding on the best was a challenge but not too tough after doing the cost-benefit analysis. They decided to deploy Airwatch to manage about 250 new devices and this enabled the team to have a comprehensive visibility on the corporate assets.

Airwatch solution also assisted them in wiping off the enterprise data in case of lost/stolen device. The content locker functionality helped them to share and collaborate files and documents quickly. From a productivity perspective, employees have ready access to any information which thereby helps them in taking quick decisions. EMW and Airwatch Team together finished the implementation in less than two months’ time including trainings to multiple sets of employees.