Unjspf Transfer Agreements

Unjspf Transfer Agreements

The Committee may, subject to the agreement of the General Assembly, approve agreements with member states of a member organisation and with intergovernmental organisations to ensure the continuity of pension rights between the governments of those states or organisations and the Fund. – you are a former participant in one of the 24 unseal member organizations and you intend to start a new position in an international organization that has a transfer agreement with UNDC, or No, because each member decides for himself whether or not to transfer the pension rights acquired from the current transfer contract. Any ceding worker who decides not to transfer his pension rights retains all rights to individual benefits in accordance with his current plan, as applicable in the event of separation of service. Please note that any transfer contract sets strict deadlines within which you must communicate your written interest in transferring your retirement rights to or from UNJSPF. The applicable conditions and deadlines are clearly defined in each of the transfer agreements signed by the Fund and published on its website. On our full page of transfer contracts or following, you will find detailed information on the possibility of transferring the acquired rights of MINJSPF to an external organization (non-member) or an external organization (non-member) to the FNUJSPF, the rules and regulations in force, the conditions and requirements. Here is the full list of the organisations with which UNJSPF has signed transfer agreements, as well as the full text of each agreement. Please note that application deadlines apply. Also note that you can apply for a transfer pension for the first time within theSelf Member Service. As of 1 January 2005, 21 international organisations have been members of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNSC).

A list of organizations is listed in Appendix I and can also be found on the Fund`s website at www. unjspf.org. No, you must part with the benefit before applying for the transfer of your pension rights. The transfer of pension rights accumulated at the end of a leave period without payment is subject to the provisions of the applicable transfer contract and can only be made after the end of your LWOP. Detailed information on the transfer of your pension rights can be found on the corresponding page and brochure. Below is some additional information that can help you make your decisions. Although the transfer of pension rights remains optional, it helps facilitate mobility within the international public services community. Note that mobility between CNJSPF member organizations is not part of this concept of “pension transfer.” If you move from one CNJSPF member organization to another, your participation will continue subject to the time limit.

You will find more information about this in the information at the end of this article. Pension transfer contracts are partly aimed at allowing the transfer of staff between employers other than the pension fund`s member organisations, by ensuring the continuity of their pension rights. In the event of a transfer of the FORCEJSF to a “receiving plan”, the deferral is considered to be the higher actuarial value of the accumulated pension rights of the UNCLOS or the withdrawal scheme due under Article 31 of the UNJSPF Regulation.

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