Tiket Bioskop Wedding Agreement

Tiket Bioskop Wedding Agreement

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – For those of you who have a hobby of watching, here is a schedule of screenings in Semarang cinemas today. Some spectators were last seen taking pictures in the TIM XXI area. Some officials were also seen taking photos in a number of spaces in the cinema building together. Last day, XXI TIM played only four films. The films are Human Earth, Hunting, Wedding Agreement and Scary Stories to tell this darkness. Yuni, who was a ticket keeper at the XXI Epicentrum for two years, could only understand the sadness of the audience. According to him, this decision is the company`s policy. “As of Thursday (22.08.2019), the marriage deal still survives on 184 screens across Indonesia,” said Starvision Plus producer Chand Parwez Servia. He acknowledged that the performances of the wedding agreement in theaters were above expectations and satisfactory. The information was received from the website of each cinema: “The announcement of the closure of the cinema was published yesterday on Saturday (17/8),” Yuni, ticket agent, told Kompas.com Sunday night. Thus are the different titles of the film that are screened today in the cinemas of the city of Semarang.

Here Tribunjateng.com recommend the cinema plan in Semarang City, Friday (23.08.2019). Ticket 2D Price Rp 50.000, and Premier rtiket Rp 80.000,. Yuni said there are a lot of ticket buyers today who want to see the latest one on XXI TIM on purpose. They are on average sad and regret the closure of the cinema. “A lot of people ask us, they`re very sad, `Why on earth would he close? Even if it`s close. I want to look where else,” Yuni said. During the surveillance Kompas.com, few people were seen in the queue of the film slide. The rest enjoyed the film in the studio. There aren`t many, according to ticket vendors. KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The xxi building of Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM), Cikini, central Jakarta, looked empty on Sunday evening 18.8.

Few spectators come to the cinema building in the field of art and culture in central Jakarta. In fact, this week is the last day XXI cinemas are in operation. Thursday (22.08.2019) Wedding players visited the cinema at Lippo Cikarang Shopping Mall, Bekasi. The strategy of publishing a religious drama film before Eid al-Adha seems to be working on. Previously, Parwez said he was optimistic that the marriage deal was welcomed by the public. . . .

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