The Four Agreements Essay

The Four Agreements Essay

There was an intelligent, caring and friendly woman. She came home from work after a big day, was sick, tired and had painful headaches. Here, the little girl, only 4 or 5 years old, excited to see her mother, began to jump and dance in the house, laughing and singing joyfully. The mother was patient and let herself be released of her energy, but the daughter did not stop. She sang and screamed all the time, and finally the woman closed. She cried out to her daughter to shut up and be calm, going so far as to tell her that her voice was painful to hear. The girl was crushed, at such a young age, she clung to every word to her mother. From that day on, she agreed with herself that her voice was painful, she never wanted to sing or even speak. She was shy at school and didn`t want to be too noisy. She had decided, as a result of what her mother said, that she had to suppress her voice in order to be loved. Generally regarded as an author of Toltec, Ruiz takes on a shamanistic aspect in all his work and refers to ancient Mexican oral traditions when he teaches readers how to apply these motivational agreements. The Four Agreements have been the New York Times bestsellers for more than a decade and were followed in 2015 by several other global bestsellers, including The Toltec Art of Life And Death. Ruiz`s schedule for authors` engagement and motivating conference trips has been dramatically shortened after suffering a severe heart attack in 2002, and since his heart transplant in 2010, he has lived a much sweeter life in his parents` home in California.

Reading this book gave me a lot of ideas to improve my life. If I can take these agreements seriously, I know they will make me a much happier person. I am now only doing things that build a healthy lifestyle, and these four agreements are a big step in the right direction. It`s a success! According to Ruiz, we all enter into “agreements” with ourselves and others that ultimately restrict our mental growth and prevent us from reaching our full potential, which is limitless. Not only does it hold us back, but it makes us terribly unhappy, even if we are not aware of this misfortune. The first of the four agreements is to be blameless with your word; secondly, don`t take anything personal (it`s very difficult for the more sensitive columnist). Agreement number three tells us not to make assumptions and, ultimately, Agreement Four tells us to always do our best. The purpose of this essay is to provide a reflection on my experience throughout the tutoring program with a virtual student (Chris) among the requirements of the university and in conjunction with the guidelines and procedures of the hospital. This trial will focus on areas identified as priority individuals in the Education and Mid-Info Council (NMC 2015), effective practices, maintaining safety and promoting professionalism and trust. The training of nursing students takes place in several… “The Four Accords” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

(2017, 07.02.). Called by This is the only time I feel like I`m doing what I want, unlike what I have to do. The more my life moves towards the attempt, the moment I admit to living more, the better I do and the better I improve. Three years ago, I entered my personal dream and started changing my contracts. I started a journey of self-healing. It was just a matter of finally living in peace, open and free, but first I had to go through some old childhood wounds that had kept me hostage all my life.

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