Tender Agency Agreement

Tender Agency Agreement

In addition to the provisions of clause 2.2, any party may terminate the contract if the other party breaches the contract or becomes insolvent. In order to better understand a potential customer`s requirements, check to see if you can arrange a meeting or have a phone conversation with them before you start working on the tender. You should always ask questions over the phone or email when the tender dossier is unclear, from the deadlines to how you are paid. For more information on the presentation of the offer, please visit the buyandsell.gc.ca website. Such a remarketing agreement or tender agency agreement (or the payment agency provisions contained in an advance agreement) must be in the form previously approved by the board of directors and in accordance with the standard determination resolution. (g) the sale of the bonds. A good place to start is to make a list of all the questions you would ask if a company submitted an offer to provide you with a product or service. Clause 3.3 imposes an obligation on the agent in good faith. The agreement does not contain a clause prohibiting the agent from acting for the customer`s competitors and, if necessary, additional wording could be inserted. Attractively valued takeover bids can lead to a high level of assumptions and incentive fees can be offered to encourage bondholders to react faster or even faster to an offer. First and foremost, make sure the bid is delivered on time – it`s unlikely that organizations will consider your bid when it arrives after the submission deadline. Maybe you`d like to hand it over yourself to make sure it arrives safely. Does the issuer want to allow a bondholder to revoke their instructions, consents, waivers, offers, or are they “locked up” once they have voted yes or no? In many countries, a foreign company wishing to do business needs a local representative or partner.

This clause deals with the possibility for the client to prove that he has a local agent in order to be able to submit a qualified offer. The representative has the right to refuse before the agent`s order, but if conditions cannot be agreed, the customer is free to appoint someone else. Rates. These commissions are unlikely to be significant. Instead, a regular fee is levied in return for the provision of information. It may also provide for the reimbursement of travel expenses and registration fees on tender lists, etc. Give.

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