Teachers Agreement In School

Teachers Agreement In School

– 500 to 1300 CZK per month (120 to 50 euros) of class teachers (or heads of division of a conservatory (konzervatoř) or a primary art school (základní umělecká škola) or heads of study groups in a tertiary vocational school (vyšší odborná škola) – 500 to 1300 CZK per month; EUR/CZK 27.345 – 19 October 2020) Teachers are appointed through an open recruitment procedure. A service contract is always concluded between a teacher and, on behalf of the school, a school director with regard to the rules established by the Labour Code. The competent school authorities (i.e. most often municipalities and regions) cannot influence the recruitment of new teachers or the structure of teaching staff. You only have an indirect competence in this area, which is the power to select, appoint, evaluate or dismiss a school principal. Within their limits, schools may offer teachers other services, for example.B. some schools or municipalities provide housing for teachers. Some issues relating to the working conditions of educational staff (see the following sections) are treated differently from other categories of workers and, even in agreement with trade unions, it is not possible to derogate from these rules. For example, fixed-term contracts, specific working hours (weekly scope of direct pedagogical activity in schools and educational institutions managed by the ministry, region, municipality or a group of communities). The limitations on the setting of working conditions in collective bargaining are therefore today mainly due to economic and not legal restrictions.

Weekly class hours are the same for all teachers in the same category, regardless of the form or duration of their contract. The law lists certain exceptions where class hours may be shorter. The direct educational activity of school heads and their deputies decreases according to the size of the school. The table below shows the different categories of educational staff. The level of education of teachers who act as school counsellors (výchovný poradce) is reduced from 1 to 5 hours per week depending on the size of the school (for more information, see the teaching staff responsible for guidance in schools in Chapter 10). Similarly, the weekly direct teaching activity of a teacher who works as an ICT Methamologist is reduced from 1 to 5 lessons. The Labour Act obliges employers to provide work experience to school leaver (up to 2 years after the end of school) and to provide appropriate practical experience to acquire the practical skills necessary for work. The employer is obliged to initiate or initiate, if necessary, the worker who, following the employer`s decision, changes employment or new type of work. The transfer of workers to another job, including education personnel, depends on the general conditions set by the Labour Code. It is not possible to transfer a worker to an apprenticeship position other than that defined in his contract without his consent.

The law also requires the contract to determine the place of work. Some exceptions are possible if, for legal reasons (e.g. B for serious health reasons), the employer places the worker in a different position from that described in his contract. This replacement relates to a change of work at the same workplace. This is a specific method to justify an employment relationship. The Labour Act provides that this appointment always applies to the heads of public schools and the heads of organizational units of public schools. The heads of organization of public schools are appointed by the heads of schools. They can be fired for any reason and without justification….

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