Software-Defined Secure Networks

Fight threats with dynamic policy control, detection, and enforcement.

Software-Defined Secure Networks

As the scale and sophistication of threats continues to increase, next-generation security must be built around automated and actionable intelligence that can be shared quickly to reduce risk, protecting the network and its users.

Juniper’s Software-Defined Secure Network gives you end-to-end network visibility that secures the entire network, physical and virtual. It leverages cloud economics to find and stop threats faster.

We deliver building blocks for the Software-Defined Secure Network that combine policy, detection, and enforcement with a comprehensive suite of products that centralizes and automates security.

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Policy: Simplified, centrally managed policies are intelligible for all devices on a heterogeneous network.
Detection: Threat intelligence is aggregated into a common, cloud-based feed that helps policy adapt for your network, based on the latest threat information.
Enforcement: Updated policy is distributed across the network, dynamically, in real time.

The Software-Defined Secure Network becomes a single enforcement domain in which every element becomes a policy enforcement point. This is the future of the secure network.


Security Director Demo

Juniper Security Director—a consolidated physical and virtual security management platform that provides application visibility and actionable intelligence, taking you quickly from knowing to doing.

Sky Advanced Threat Prevention Demo

Dynamic cloud-based security service, Sky Advanced Threat Prevention protects you from malware and sophisticated threats. It integrates with the Juniper SRX Series next-generation firewalls and inspects downloads for threats.

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Next-Generation Firewall Solutions

SRX Series Services Gateways deliver superior application visibility and control, intrusion prevent system (IPS), and user-based application policies, plus unified threat management (UTM) to protect and control your business assets—all while performing at 2 Tbps speeds with six-nines of reliability.

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