Society Agreement Format

Society Agreement Format

(ii) The executive member must participate in all meetings of the governing body as well as meetings of the general body of the company; (ii) The election of the Office`s institutions and four executive members of the governing body is carried out by the electoral official duly appointed by the governing body, with the agreement of a third member on the company`s list. The decision of the Chief Electoral Officer to hold the election is final until the general body decides otherwise, with a majority of three-fourths of the company`s name2. MR. REGD. OFFICE:-3. AIMS AND OBJECTS:- It manages all the company`s revenues and expenses and occasionally provides the governing body with the necessary information. He will be sanctioned for keeping at home /their Rs.5,000/- and the balance will be deposited with the National Bank. 4. that if the name of this company has been found, the provisions of Embleme – Name (prevention of the incorrect law) Of 1950 and/or identical or similar to other companies already registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, on behalf of the State and other laws of land granted to them and the registration is deemed retracted by the common law of the company.

(iv) Any office or member of the company must pay for the lifetime membership of the Rs.5100/.. c. Appoint, control and terminate employees who may be necessary for effective and effective management of the company`s business. The governing body appoints the Chief Electoral Officer to carry out the electoral process. The name of the company is (Give the name of the company) f. For donations, charities, loans, grants, real estate, etc. by members, the public, other associations, agencies and Govt. or/and Semi Govt.

To accept the departments. Appointment of the management committee of all schools of the association or appointment of a committee or subcommittee of one or more members of the society in order to achieve the objectives and objectives of the (iii) fund raised by the company through any cultural program, exhibitions or function organized by the company.

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