Shimla Agreement Main Points In Urdu

Shimla Agreement Main Points In Urdu

July 2, probably the last day scheduled for the summit, was an eventful day when members of both teams worked hard to draft a statement that points to the outcome: whether it should be a dead end or whether there will be a breakthrough. The main point was the preparation of the text of the declaration. The summit between Bhutto and Indra Gandhi opened in Simla at the set time. The Summit was held from 28 June to 2 July 1972. The objective of the agreement was to define the measures envisaged to normalize bilateral relations and settle mutual disputes through peaceful means and bilateral negotiations. India wanted to solve all the problems in one package, so it proposed a treaty of friendship obliging the two countries to renounce the use of force in the event of a dispute, not to interfere in each other`s personal internal affairs, not to seek interference by third parties in the settlement of their differences and to renounce opposing military alliances. Pakistan wanted to focus on such immediate issues as the release of prisoners of war, the withdrawal of troops and the resumption of diplomatic relations. He rejected the Indian proposal on the grounds that it would involve a lasting adoption of the Kashmir division and the withdrawal of the Kashmir dispute from the United Nations. (ii) that the two countries are resolved to settle their differences by peaceful means through bilateral negotiations or other peaceful means mutually agreed upon. Pending the final resolution of one of the problems between the two countries, neither side can unilaterally change the situation and both prevent the organization, support or encouragement of acts detrimental to the maintenance of peace and harmonious relations. [4] [3] The agreement did not mention prisoners of war; However, after the second agreement signed two years later in Delhi, India released more than 93,000 prisoners of war, including 195 accused of war crimes.

This Agreement shall be subject to ratification by both countries in accordance with their respective constitutional procedures and shall enter into force from the date of exchange of instruments of ratification. [4] A dinner was held in the evening; Once finished, the two guides set off for a walk on the airy lawns of simla Governor House….

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