Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement Review

Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement Review

I recently used the lifetime warranty on a 10-year-old kit, had no problem getting spare batteries, I was really surprised at how easy it was. I called the number, provided the requested information and got the replacement within a week. I am more likely than ever to be loyal to the brand after this excellence. Even if I could have recorded it… it can`t be much a lifetime guarantee if they can`t even support a tool for three years… NEVER buy another period of star tools..!! Like most of the above complaints, I bought many ridgid combo kits standing alone with tools and batteries. If some batteries were replaced by hd a long time ago, re-enrollment requires you to enter serial numbers and receipts. There are no receipts involved, so you have lost LIFE TIME WARRANTY if you receive replaced batteries. Try to explain this for ridgid got nothing, where otherwise a comment no guarantee without receipt. My comment when RIDGID REPLACED BATTERIES UNDER WARRANTY THEN WHY IN HELL DO I HAVE TO REGISTER IT In my head the service parts are most of every piece of a tool, but by today`s standard most parts are not usable. The definition of a “service” is therefore, I am sure, interpretable.

I bought an empty ridgid store, I worked well for 9 months, then the engine burned. I didn`t think about it, because it has a lifetime warranty… Wow, I was wrong! I took the empty store to the local drop house that they said, you have to take it to that repair shop, I said “OK.” Evacuate the shop from the workshop, drop it. When he spoke to the repairman, he told me that everything had to be covered. He returned two weeks later and received an invoice of 129 $US for repair. The store owner told me that the LSA did not apply because the vacuum had been abused… as in the blue hell, are you abusing a store void? I had an argument with him and I told him that he could keep the piece of junk and leave the void in the store and he left… My brother bought a Ridgid 14002 ribbon saw. From the box was missing the lower tire and the upper guidance of the blade (which no longer manufactures Ridgid) was caught.

We didn`t even turn it on at the time. Contacted Ridgid, they said that to bring him back to the store, the store wouldn`t take him, they said he had to go through Ridgid.

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