Ocr Agreements

Ocr Agreements

The IBC was established in 2010 to promote communication between the district and the small business community and to advise the district in its efforts to ensure that small businesses have equal opportunities to participate in district contracts and agreements. Many higher education institutions and universities have long disputed that the OCR`s opaque negotiation process is different from a typical negotiation in that the institution does not see the factual results in the resolution letter before entering into a resolution agreement that, explicitly or implicitly, assumes responsibility for the measures described in that letter. This left the institutions very concerned that the complainant not only receives a copy of the resolution letter and the resolution agreement, but also reserves the right to publish these two documents on the website of the federal authority. Since individual complainants can also file private disputes under the same laws, resolution letters and agreements are standard annexes to credentials and process documents. While the documents ultimately do not serve as admissible evidence, they may present the body in a negative light in subsequent proceedings and in the media. . . .

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