Gse Master Agreement

Gse Master Agreement

Program directors meet: at the beginning of each academic year (the first week of September), master`s directors meet with all students to give them guidance and offer their support. During this meeting, the directors explain the master`s structure, communication channels and professional opportunities. In such an RRP, FRBNY will sell to counterparties securities held on the Open Market Account (SOMA) system, subject to a subsequent repurchase agreement. FRBNY assumes that the tri-parts infrastructure of the existing industry will be used to implement such an RRP. In addition, as with current procedures, FRBNY intends to use an auction format for the awarding of transactions to counterparties.1 Meeting on the master`s project: meeting with master`s directors and all Masters students to give them details on the organization and academic requirements of the master`s project. During these meetings, students also receive advice on the choice of themes and the tutor. These meetings will begin in February, and students will meet regularly with the director of their master`s project. Student report with the principal/tutor: the ratio between students per master`s tutor is between 15 and 20 students per principal. Electronic communications: In addition, students have direct access to master`s directors and all other faculties they direct by e-mail. This tool has become very useful and is used by students when their application guide is on something small and concrete. This communication channel allows for rapid interaction. If principals or faculties see the need for a personal appointment, this is required.

Meeting with the principals: throughout the year, the two master`s directors meet the students. These meetings are intended to dispel academic doubts that cannot be resolved at general meetings. These meetings may take place at the request of the student and master`s directors. In addition, master`s principals are available to students at all times to meet with them in order to support and clarify every aspect of the Masters in general and a particular student. For example, they are helped to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Faculty Sessions: The Faculty of The Masters also has office hours, so students can make an appointment to resolve the doubt. Practicum meeting: During this meeting, students will be informed of the possibility of doing an internship with an external company as part of the master`s program. The internship is not mandatory, but students get credits from it. During this meeting, the master`s principals announce the details of the internship so that interested students can already think about it. Data Science Community Meeting: At the beginning of the academic year, an official meeting is organized so that current Masters students can meet former students (alunni), teachers, staff and businesses as part of the master`s degree.

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