Franchise Agreement Training

Franchise Agreement Training

If this person is different from the franchisee, the franchisee requires that they complete and complete training. 7.3 System Maintenance. The Franchisee shall continue its efforts to maintain uniform standards of quality, cleanliness, appearance and service in all fitness centres in the system, to promote, protect and enhance the public image and reputation of the system and to increase the demand for services offered by all franchisees, and to this end, the franchisee: B. Prior to the commencement of the business, you or a professional representative (and the persons mentioned in the operations manual and business model) must participate in and carry out a training program as described in the operations manual and business model (the “Training Program”). The education program includes up to fourteen (14) consecutive days of training at the Carnegie Center and/or the training of an existing DC&A franchisee. The location, start date and duration of the training program are determined by DC&A at its discretion prior to the end of your initial training program. The cost of your training program is included in the initial franchise fee. (f) provide ongoing training and nutrition programmes; and your employees need to understand more than the essentials, for example. B how to manage cash and how to open/close the store. Training should address issues such as collaboration with other staff and managers and building client relationships. The more training you give your employees, the more likely you are to succeed, because the franchise fares better. By reducing waste and keeping costs low, the revenue stream expands and business will increase. We have developed a proprietary system (the “Carnegie System” or “System”) for the development, opening and operation of businesses, specializing in the offering, selling and teaching of certain proprietary DC&A educational programs and related services, including but not limited to consulting, products and organizational development services, Assessments, interviews and executive sessions (the “Carnegie Programs”) and other related articles in and out of the training centers (a “Carnegie Center” each).

The Carnegie system and the Carnegie programs are evolving. Franchisees who enter into a franchise agreement are normally trained by the franchisee in how to manage certain operations within the company. In return, franchisees must train their employees. However, to ensure the success of your franchise, training must be maintained throughout the duration of the franchise relationship and all training opportunities must be used. Ideally, you should also use training programs outside of the franchise relationship so that you and your employees can grow your business. You will find the second part here. 7.2 Products and Services. Upon request and at the expense of the franchisee, the franchisee shall offer the franchisee, during the term of this Agreement, all of the following services and products, which it then offers to other franchisees and under the same conditions: in some franchises, the franchisor shall involve potential franchisees in the training program. This is usually paid for by the potential franchisee and is often done as part of the franchisee`s inconvenience during working hours. This training is similar to an interview process and does not guarantee any franchisee position after the end of the program. In addition to all other training and support measures provided for in this Agreement, we will from time to time provide you with all information, training, techniques, data, training materials, forms and other operational developments related to the operation of the business that we may develop from time to time and integrate into the Carnegie System. .

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