Ford Canada Lease Agreement

Ford Canada Lease Agreement

If the extension of the end of the lease is processed after receipt of the final payment, you must arrange to send a payment or have an unexpected payment sent to update the account. Automatic payments will continue once payment is made. If you request an extension of the lease and the last deposit has not been made, automatic payments will continue. Our team at Dorian Ford doesn`t want you to worry about maintaining your vehicle during this time. If you renew your lease under this program, we also offer a leaseCARE limited warranty and a free maintenance service tour that includes an oil and filter change, multi-point inspection, and tire rotation. If you`re considering renting, you should also consider WearCare, an optional product that`s available at the beginning of your lease and may waive significant self-use fees at the end of the lease. Do you need even more miles? Plan ahead and install additional prepaid kilometers at the beginning of your rental at a lower cost per kilometer than would be charged at the end of the lease.** If you do not use your prepaid kilometers, you will receive a refund.*** Warnings* Only available for certain vehicles, see dealer for details.** Additional kilometers can only be added if the 25,000 kilometers per year option is selected at the beginning of the rental.*** Tenant, Those who purchase additional kilometers at the beginning of their rental will be reimbursed for unused prepaid kilometers at the same rate charged per additional kilometer (excluding taxes) and provided that the refund is greater than $ 1 and does not exercise their purchase option at the end of the lease. To use this program, register or log in to your Ford Credit Account Manager, click on the End Lease Renewal banner and complete the “Contact Us” form. Please select “Request an end-of-lease extension” in the item category. Your personal rental assistant team will process your renewal. For more information, please contact your Dorian Ford sales representative. Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) may waive the difference – or discrepancy – between your insurance payment and your outstanding rental balance if your rented vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss.

This unique feature is included in your red carpet rental at no extra cost. Provided you have the required insurance for your rental agreement. Some restrictions may apply. You are entitled to an extension of the rental of up to six (6) months. If you have already received twelve (12) months or more of renewal, you are still eligible, but Ford can only renew a maximum of 18 months in total. Ford grants extensions of less than six months if you wish. With inventory at a historically low level due to the microchip crisis, Dorian Ford wants to make your end-of-lease process as seamless as possible. Many people wonder what the next step is with the expiration of their lease. At Dorian Ford, we have secured you by offering the Lease Extension Program to our loyal Dorian Ford customers. Through this program, clients whose lease ends between June 2, 2021 and September 30, 2021 can extend their lease by up to six months.

By extending your vehicle rental, you can keep your current Ford car, truck or SUV until your new Ford order is ready. Yes. You have the right to terminate your lease at any time after the original termination date and are not responsible for any outstanding monthly payments. You will continue to be responsible for all amounts due under your lease agreement (including unpaid monthly payments, late fees, etc.), as well as excessive wear and tear, disposal fees, and mileage charges, if any. The prepayment program allows you to pay all monthly Payments of Red Carpet Lease in advance in one convenient payment in advance. At the end of the lease, a final invoice will be issued for any unpaid excess mileage, excessive wear and tear charges and other miscellaneous charges, if any. No. However, we recommend that you place a retail order and renew your Ford lease if necessary. You also have the choice to get a new vehicle from our inventory. Leasing can allow you to make lower payments than comparable term financing. You also have the flexibility of three great options at the end of the lease: Deciding whether it`s better for you to finance or lease a vehicle depends on many factors. See the table below to learn more about key considerations.

No, but you must be up to date when applying/processing the lease extension. You can request an extension of the lease at any time during your lease. For more information, please contact your Dorian Ford sales representative. You can renew the lease digitally via the account manager | Official website of Ford credit for Ford. If you are not registered with the Account Manager, you may request renewal by contacting Ford Leasing Assistants at 1-855-573-9740 during the extended hours available (8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to 8.m p.m.m Eastern Time Monday to Friday). . Extensions must be approved by you (the tenant) and your roommate. Once you understand the basics of leasing, you`ll find that it`s as simple as traditional financing. There are fundamental differences between leasing and financing.

Financing has advantages and offers unique advantages: we are here to help you with questions. Feel free to read our frequently asked questions below Yes, you will receive a limited warranty and a free service tour that includes an oil and filter change, multi-point inspection, and tire rotation at no additional cost. Personal rental assistants are available at extended hours (8 a.m.m to 8 p.m. .m Eastern Time, Monday through Friday) at 855-573-9740 to provide you with a seamless experience. Yes. Your WearCare will automatically renew at no additional cost. Yes. Your mileage allowance will be extended on the basis of a pro-rata calculation.

For example: – The customer currently has 12,000 miles per year – 12,000 miles per year / 12 months = 1,000 miles per month – 1,000 miles per month x 6-month extension = 6,000 additional miles to the mileage allowance Ford Credit is one of the world`s leading providers of auto finance, and our dealership offers a variety of Ford Credit loan services. There are many reasons to choose Ford credit, but probably the most important is our direct connection to Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. We are experts in automotive finance and work directly with Ford to develop the programs that benefit our customers the most. .

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