First Extended Service Corporation Extended Service Agreement

First Extended Service Corporation Extended Service Agreement

When I bought my truck, I was offered an extended warranty. I told the sales representative that if it covered rodent damage, I would buy it because we live on a farm and my last vehicle was damaged. Rep said, “Yes, it would be covered.” So today, the engine light on my truck came on and called and said it was covered. But when I come to the dealership for repairs, it`s not covered. How do I get a refund? First Extended Service offers four plans with customizable runtimes. Consumer reviews criticize the company`s complaint process and customer service, but positive reviews argue that the warranties are worth it. I have worked with several after-sales warranty companies, and this one is very simple and straightforward. Easy to navigate, excellent customer service, fast turnaround time. You can call First Extended Service Corporation toll-free (800) 909-7926, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website, or write a letter to First Extended Service Corporation, 175 W. Jackson, Floor 11, Chicago, Illinois, 60604, USA. As vehicles age, mechanical breakdowns become more likely, and an extended warranty could help you save money and frustration on repairs. Assurant`s first extended warranty may be right for you if you are looking for extended vehicle maintenance coverage after the manufacturer`s warranty expires. – The warranty company did not activate the contract that led the customer to the position he paid for non-existent services between September and November 2019.

This is proven and documented. The guarantee company received payments for the contract that it had not activated. The sale of non-existent services is illegal. It did not exist because if the client had filed a claim, it would have been rejected because the file did not contain any information about the client because it had not been intentionally activated. Between 14.09.19 and 11.11.19, the dealer and First Extended Corp were unable to activate the contract, so the customer was unable to assert any claims. This was done with the aim that if the client submits the complaint, it will be rejected because no prior approval has been received. On 11.11.19, the dealer carVision acting on behalf of First Extended Corp acknowledged its illegal act and activated the contract. He further admitted that the reason he chose the first expanded company was because of the bribes it receives from them, and that is why the Carvision dealer did not offer any other warranty contracts to choose from. Call center. Part of using Warrantech for your extended warranty management means you have access to our experienced and responsive call center.

Each of the certified employees who make up this customer service group is continuously trained to meet the standards and expectations set by your company and to act on your behalf. I bought the extended warranty on my 2015 VW Tiguan. I had it for 3 years and never used it. The remote control for locks/alarms started to break down every 2 days and burn the batteries. I called the company and spoke to a representative who assured me that since I had the highest F coverage plan that included high-tech, they would cover the remote. I couldn`t record it right away, so a month later, when I was able to record it, I reconfirmed that it was covered. I made an appointment with the dealer and when I arrived, the service advisor called and the complaint was dismissed. I stood there as he called.

They said the policy did not cover the remote control. I would give them 0 stars if possible. First Extended is the name of the company with which the service advisor at the Chrysler dealership and I were dealing with today. I purchased an initial extended warranty at the time of purchase of my vehicle. First Extended is supposed to cover the engine mounts of my vehicle, but refuses to do so. Their excuse is that it is part of the powertrain. According to Chrysler, engine mounts are not part of the powertrain. The woman I spoke to first answered the phone and called me Jessica (not my name), then started laughing. When I explained to her that the director of the department had told her that the company had told her that they would not cover the engine mounts, she said that they should be covered, and she did not see where it would otherwise be in the contract.

Then, after talking to her supervisor, she told me they were not covered because they were under Chrysler`s powertrain warranty. I have a call to the original dealer where I bought the vehicle to see if it gets somewhere with them and hopefully stops selling their warranty. In fact, I paid $2,800 to be treated this way! I researched how much an extended warranty should cost and paid way too much! Stay away from this business! I will tell everyone I know who is considering buying a vehicle. I went there and sat in the showroom, and I called, and I spoke to a third representative who saw that I had called before, and I read what I had been told, and then I explained that the problem was the way the consultant on duty gave the impression that the remote was killing the batteries. and it is not a covered problem. I said he killed the batteries because he was defective and developed a short one. It was different and it would be covered. The service consultant called again and talked to someone else, and they got him permission and put him on hold, which eventually separated him. He called back a third time and explained the problem carefully, explaining that an internal shutdown of the remote control over short distances caused the batteries to drain. I bought the extended warranty on my 2012 Hyundai Touring. My struts left and I contacted the first extended service and they informed me that my extended warranty was only valid for 9 months.

I had to go back to the dealership to let him determine with First Extended that I had purchased a 10 or 1,000-mile plan. .

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