Cotutelle Agreements

Cotutelle Agreements

2. Contact Irene Grigoropoulos at the School of Graduate Studies to discuss Concordia`s requirements for a Cotutelle program prior to the date of admission to the Autonomous University of Madrid. The International Relations Committee must be informed of all agreements signed to monitor the international agreements of the MAI. Internal funds managed by the School of Graduate Studies are paid abroad. Students must obtain permission for all internal distinctions managed through their department or faculty while they are on a cotutelle. If you follow a Cotutelle with France, fill out this form: Cotutelle Convention (Concordia France) The Cotutelle agreement cannot be signed until the Doctoral student is registered as a student at both universities. This is why the doctoral student first asks for the right to study according to the normal application protocol. However, it is possible to prepare the Cotutelle agreement even before the right of study is granted. Preparations can begin when the PhD student has tutors from both universities who are dedicated to co-supervision. The agreement should be concluded immediately at the beginning of the studies, at the latest during the first year of study. The Cotutelle agreement is always done individually on a case-by-case basis. In a broader context, cotutelle`s common goal is to promote the international mobility of researchers. The development of the agreement is justified when cooperation between the two universities is based on genuine scientific cooperation in research and the agreement deepens existing cooperation.

The agreement can be approved by the University of Turku with a university if the university`s doctoral training complies with the educational standards of the University of Turku. The partner university should also be officially recognised by the competent authorities of the country or the higher education system. What exactly is involved in a “Cotutelle” program? To apply for a cotutelle agreement, the applicant must meet the conditions for admission to promotional programmes under Article 6 of the Royal Decree 99/2011, as amended by royal decree 195/2016. In the cotutelle agreement, the doctoral student completes the doctoral studies of the two universities at the same time according to the doctoral training rules of the two universities and writes a thesis that meets the requirements of both universities. In the Cotutelle agreement, the parties agree: the signing of a Cotutelle agreement is a good idea if a doctoral thesis is to be supervised by another university outside Finland. Cotutelle – also known as a common doctoral student – refers to a scheme in which a doctoral student obtains a doctorate at two separate universities or in other higher education institutions in two different countries. The doctoral student is also working on her thesis at both universities, under the joint supervision of at least two facilitators. The objective of a cotutelle agreement is for the candidate to graduate from both universities, but to complete only one thesis. The doctoral thesis can be presented at the University of Turku, the University of Cooperation or in both cases, depending on the agreed agreement.

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