Consortium Agreement Fafsa

Consortium Agreement Fafsa

FaS prepares a copy of the concluded and signed consortium agreement for fas files, sends the consortium agreement by e-mail to the home school, regularly checks the student`s enrolment and informs the host school of changes to enrolment. If the student does not receive assistance at the KU, FAS checks the registration at the KU (we can only do this if the student is actually enrolled), provides information about the participation fee and fulfills all the additional points of the consortium agreement. In some cases, schools require the registrar to sign under the signing of the agreement. The Deputy Director of saa must sign and date the consortium agreement. It is strongly recommended that students entering into a consortium agreement be enrolled at the host institution and the UIS for all courses before the start of the UIS semester. Students in the ASU Nursing CEP (Concurrent Enrollment Program) with Arizona Community Colleges, University of Mary and Mayo Clinic students need to enroll in at least one ASU class. If you visit ASU Online through our partnerships with Starbucks, Uber or Aramark, we will not enter into any consortium agreements, with the exception of CEP nursing students. ASU Law Students do not apply to enroll in ASU credits, but must have the class holder on their calendar. The following conditions must be met to qualify for a consortium agreement: Federal rules do not allow students to obtain federal financial aid from two schools at the same time. .

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