Camper Hire Agreement

Camper Hire Agreement

All fees and expenses payable by me under this Agreement are due at the request of Four Seasons Campers. If I do not pay all fees on the due date, I agree to pay a late fee of 1.5% per month on the outstanding balance and all collection costs incurred by Four Seasons Campers, including reasonable attorneys` fees. If the Customer is composed of more than one person, each person shall be jointly and severally liable for all of the Customer`s obligations under this Agreement. Four Seasons Campers cannot move or transfer money from one rent to another. These Terms and Conditions expressly form part of the rental agreement (the “Agreement”) by and between the persons listed on the first page (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Renter”) and the owner or rental dealer of motorhomes (“Dealers”). The terms of this Agreement will survive the end of the Rental Period and will remain in full force and effect. If the tenant has released and/or compensated the concessionaire, he has also released and/or compensated the managers, employees and representatives of the concessionaire. The refundable deposit can be paid by credit or debit card and must be paid before we can release the vehicle for your motorhome holiday. I warrant that all information I have provided to Four Seasons Campers under this Agreement is true. I acknowledge that Four Seasons Campers retains ownership of the vehicle and that I only own the goods as a simple bailee. I am not permitted to promise a credit to Four Seasons Campers in connection with the vehicle and I agree not to do so. I will not accept, attempt, offer or purport to sell, assign, sublet, lend, pledge, lease or otherwise separate from personal possession of the vehicle or attempt to separate or treat it otherwise.

A refundable deposit is required 4 working days before the start of the rental to cover the insurance deductible and any damage or fine incurred in road traffic, and is automatically withheld from your preferred payment card. Please note that some cardholders do not make it easy to hold cards and your deposit can therefore be charged to your card upon request. The payment of the deposit will be automatically refunded 7 days after the end of the rental, provided that the vehicle is returned intact to the right place, with a clean interior with a full fuel tank. Deposit and Authorization: A deposit is required at the time of collection and will be refunded if all costs have been paid in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The amount of the deposit is indicated in your booking confirmation. The Company may use your deposit to pay any amount due to us under this Agreement. If the amount of the deposit is not sufficient to pay all the amounts due, the tenant agrees to pay all the fees overpaid, either in cash, by personal check or by the authorized use of the credit card provided. The minimum requirements for returning the depot include: the unit will be cleaned in as good or better condition as upon receipt, the gas tanks are full, the fecal tanks are properly emptied, no damage has been caused to the rental and there are no other violations of this agreement.

At the time of rental, a credit card voucher is authorized by the tenant to cover all amounts payable under this contract, and by performing this contract, the tenant expressly understands and agrees to use the voucher for these purposes without reservation. Subject to its obligation to deliver the Vehicle, I release Four Seasons Campers, its employees and agents from any liability to me (regardless of who is at fault) for any loss or damage suffered by me under this Agreement, including, but not limited to: By performing this Agreement, the Renter releases and indemnifies the Dealer and Lessor from all claims for consequential damages and damages, that occur for the tenant, indemnify him and release him from any responsibility. all other occupants of the rental, including, but not limited to, damage caused by bodily injury or death, replacement rent costs, fuel, telephone, travel, meals, accommodation costs, loss of personal property, loss of income or any other direct, incidental or consequential damage of any kind that may be incurred by the tenant or any resident of the rental. General requirements: The customer undertakes not to drive carelessly or negligently when towing or driving a rented vehicle, not to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs or to allow the vehicle to be driven by any person other than the signatories of the contract. The customer also undertakes not to use or authorize the rental for illegal purposes. The customer will indemnify the owner from all fines and penalties caused directly or indirectly by negligence, abuse or negligence during the rental period. The Customer further undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the Dealer against any claim for loss or damage to property or injury to persons, including death, arising from the use and operation of the rented unit. Cancellation fee for all rentals in 2020 due to the pandemic COV19 Return: Please allow up to half an hour when returning your vehicle to hand over the vehicle and check the condition of the vehicle. The vehicle must be returned with a full tank and returned in the same condition in which it was rented to you. The vehicle must be returned on the date specified in the rental agreement and before the specified departure time. The tenant must inform Four Seasons Campers if they are delayed for any reason and additional fees may be charged. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Scotland in which this Agreement was signed.

The Licensee and the Lessor shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, fiduciary, punitive or consequential damages, or for any implied loss or profit or income or cost arising out of or in connection with the Rental, regardless of the legal theory that liability is claimed, and regardless of whether the Licensee or Lessor has been advised of the possibility of such liability, Loss or damage. Your exclusive remedy for any claim for damages related to the use of rent will be limited to the total rent you have paid or are required to pay to the Merchant under this Agreement. The deposit covers the excess of the motorhome insurance. If you have damage to the vehicle, you are liable up to this amount before the insurance pays. The only reason you are not covered by the insurance is if you do not comply with the terms of the insurance that can be found in our terms and conditions on our website (things like off-road driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, etc.). If you damage the vehicle, we will receive an offer and you will only pay the damage plus the repair costs, i.e. the time to take the vehicle to be repaired and the fuel plus the days of the rental fleet. This only applies up to the amount of the deposit, unless you have not complied with our Terms and Conditions.

The customer always comes first when renting a VW Four Seasons Campers motorhome. To make sure you know exactly what to expect when you book and rent, please read our Terms and Conditions below. Please note that we have updated our cancellation policy for rentals in 2020 to ensure more flexibility due to COVID-19 and government travel restrictions. Warranties, Indemnities, Indemnification and Assignment: The Tenant acknowledges that the Concessionaire cannot own the rent it rents to the Tenant and leases the rent in accordance with an agreement between a third party and the owner of the unit. The tenant accepts the rental “as is” with all defects and without reservation. In addition, the Dealer, the Owner of the Rental, does not warrant and expressly disclaims all warranties for the Rental, including, but not limited to, the rental or condition of the Tires, the suitability or suitability of the Rental or the Tires for a particular purpose. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and there are no other oral obligations, warranties or agreements between the parties with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement. Four Seasons Campers reserves the right to add or change rental fees without notice.

The Renter further agrees to indemnify, store and indemnify forever the Concessionaire and the Lessor from any liability, claim or cause of action of any kind or nature whatsoever and by anyone who has asserted, arising out of or arising in any way from the operation or use of the Rental under this Agreement, and accepts, in such a case. to provide a defense as chosen and instructed by Merchant and to pay all costs of defending any such claim or suit, this Agreement includes, but is not limited to, claims for negligence or gross negligence on the part of Merchant and/or Lessor. I acknowledge that Four Seasons Campers may terminate this Agreement at any time and repossess the Vehicle without notice, and that I will pay the reasonable cost of taking back the Vehicle, including towing costs, if; *These fees are valid up to the amount of the insurance deductible, provided that all the general conditions are met. If the insurance company considers that the insurance is invalid due to misuse of the vehicle and the renter has violated the terms of this agreement, the renter is responsible for all costs. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, I will pay the cost of repairing or replacing damaged tires during the Rental Period, provided that Four Seasons Campers reimburses me for all expenses reasonably incurred if: I irrevocably authorize Four Seasons Campers to deduct from the deposit any amount I owe to Four Seasons Campers under this Agreement. Please note that we reserve the right to withhold a pollution fee of £75.00 if the motorhome is not returned with the interior in clean condition. .

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