Bank of America Business Deposit Account Agreement

Bank of America Business Deposit Account Agreement

Where the term “small business” is used in the agreement, it includes sole proprietors, non-consumer businesses and sole proprietors of the business, unless the context indicates otherwise. If you are a small business customer, additional or different terms and conditions that apply to the Services, as well as additional services available only to small business customers, are included in the Business Services Addendum, which is part of this Agreement. You have the option to add a mobile phone number to your online banking profile. By adding a mobile phone number to your online banking profile, you confirm that you are the mobile phone account holder or that you have the account holder`s permission to use the mobile phone number for online banking. You also agree to receive online banking notifications using auto-dial technology and to receive text messages. Depending on your carrier, text messaging charges may apply. You can link this account to your business account to provide protection against overdrafts on the checking account. After that, the company`s current account is protected from overdraft fees if there are enough funds in the linked savings. We recommend that you log in and check your balances regularly to keep your accounts active. Ask? Contact us at 800.432.1000. You may use the Service to transfer funds between your linked Bank of America accounts free of charge on a one-time or recurring basis, including as payment on a linked installment loan, credit card or mortgage.

Deposits in chequing accounts, savings accounts, money market savings accounts and Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are insured up to a maximum of $250,000 per depositor and per insured bank for each account class, in accordance with the FDIC`s General Deposit Guarantee Rules. Deposits in bank-owned retirement accounts (IRAs) are insured up to a maximum of $250,000 per owner separately. We may also send credit, business credit and/or debit card security SMS notifications to your mobile phone number, if applicable. SMS notifications are sent from a fast dial number, which is free for end users (FTEU), however, data plans may apply depending on your carrier`s plan. You can disable security alerts at any time by sending the word STOP to the appropriate dial-in numbers below. When you unsubscribe from alerts, it automatically prevents all security alerts from being sent to you. If you need additional help, send HELP to one of the following codes for more information. Bill payments from your Bank of America bank account can be made for any amount up to $99,999.99.

Please note, however, that some beneficiaries may limit the amount they accept by electronic transmission. If the limit is exceeded, payment will be transferred by check. There are no reception limits for internal transfers between your own accounts. Once your account is opened, you should receive your debit card and cheques (if ordered) within 5-7 business days. Visit us at a financial center for a temporary debit card and/or checks. We are not responsible for our exchange rates. Any liability for such information and the prices contained herein is excluded, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect or consequential damages, and any liability if our exchange rates differ from the rates offered or reported by third parties or are offered by us at another time, place, for a different transaction amount. or any other means of payment (including, but not limited to, banknotes, cheques, bank transfers, etc.) For bank transfers, the exchange rate to be applied to the transfer will be indicated in the information provided to you for the transfer in accordance with federal law. With online or mobile banking, you can access your Bank of America check, savings account, CD, IRA, credit card, mortgage, and line of credit information. You can also access your account by phone, atm or the nearest financial center. Find a financial center You are required to notify Bank of America of any changes to the authorized persons on the signature card for each linked account in order to designate the signatories and/or users for each of those accounts.

Such notice must be made separately from any other communication to other departments of the bank or financial centers by calling us at (287.4637). Check the disclosure information provided with your card for additional charges that may apply. To obtain a copy of this information, call the number on your bank statement or go to the nearest banking centre. (Additional transaction fees may apply. Refer to the disclosure you received with the account setup documents.) FDIC insurance covers all types of deposit accounts (checks, savings, money market savings and CDs) as well as individual retirement accounts (IRAs). 6/ For outgoing international transfers, the money will be debited from your Bank of America bank account on the business day you ask us to initiate the processing of the transfer. Bank of America sends the payment that business day and, with the exception of bank transfers, the recipient`s bank usually receives the money 1-2 business days later and the funds are usually credited to the recipient within 2 business days….

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