Agreement Terms And Services

Agreement Terms And Services

5.4 Protecting customer data. The provisions of the Data Protection Authority are heres noted by reference and apply to the extent that customer data contains personal data. The data protection authority determines how we handle personal data on your behalf in relation to the subscription services that will be provided to you under this Agreement. We will maintain economically appropriate administrative, physical and technical security measures for the protection of personal data, as described in the Data Protection Authority, including our security measures in Appendix 2 of our data protection authority. If you`re offline, your country version is determined by where you use Google services. If you have an account, you can log in and view these conditions to show the country assigned to it. By law, you have the right to have (1) a certain quality of service and (2) ways to solve problems if something goes wrong. These conditions do not limit or deprive them of these rights. For example, if you are a consumer, you will continue to enjoy all legal rights granted to consumers under current legislation. 14.2 Generalities. This AG, including all documents expressly inserted by reference, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces all prior and simultaneous agreements, proposals or assurances, written or orally, concerning their purpose. The use of section titles within this scope is only practical and has no bearing on the interpretation of a provision. Any use of the singular must reasonably be interpreted as including the plural, and vice versa.

If not already specified, any use of “including” or “how” should be interpreted to mean “including, but not limited to.” If some of these instructions for use are found to be invalid or unenforceable, the unenforceable part becomes as effective as possible and the other parties remain fully in force and effective. Failure to comply with a provision does not infringe our right to demand the benefit at another time, nor will it waive a violation or loss of that scope or a provision of such use to a subsequent breach or default or waiver of the provision itself. 6.1 We use third-party liquidators (the “liquidators”) to charge you through the payment account associated with your account (your “billing information”). Payment settlement may be subject to these terms of use and to the policies of liquidators. We are not responsible for the actions or omissions of liquidators. You agree to pay us, through liquidators or other amounts agreed by DigitalOcean for services you choose or use at current prices, in accordance with our pricing and billing rules, and you authorize us, along with the liquidators concerned, to charge all of these amounts (including all applicable taxes) to the payment method indicated in your account or account (your “payment method”). These terms describe the relationship between you and Google. They do not create legal rights for other people or organizations, even if others benefit from this relationship under these conditions. For example, EBay uses the term “user agreement,” while Twitter refers to its page as terms of use as “terms of use.” Whatever the name, even if you choose, make sure the text is easy for the average user to understand. Thank you for registering for a subscription to Optimizely, Inc.

(“Optimizely,” “we” or “us”). By placing an order, clicking on the acceptance of this Agreement, or accessing an Optimizely service or related services, you accept all the terms of these Terms of Use (“Agreement”). If you use an Optimizely Service or related services on behalf of a company or other entity, “customer” or “you” means that entity, and you are bound to that agreement. You guarantee and guarantee that you have the legal authority and the power to conclude this agreement, and that if the client has a right

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