Agreement On Trade In Textile And Clothing

Agreement On Trade In Textile And Clothing

5) In order to facilitate the integration of the textile and clothing sector into the 1994 GATT, members should enable continuous and autonomous industrial adaptation and increased competition in their markets. (11) In extremely unusual and critical circumstances in which a delay would cause a harm that is difficult to repair, action may be taken on an interim basis in accordance with paragraph 10, provided that the request for consultation and notification to the TMB are made within a maximum of five working days from the time the measure is taken. If the consultation does not reach an agreement, the TMB informs the TMB at the end of the consultations and no later than sixty days after the implementation date of the action. The TMB immediately reviews the issue and makes appropriate recommendations to the members concerned within 30 days. In the event that consultations reach an agreement, members notify the TMB once completed and no later than 90 days after the action is implemented. The TMB may make recommendations that it deems appropriate for the members concerned. 16. The flexibility provisions, i.e. transfer, which are transferred and transferred and apply to all restrictions maintained under this article, are in line with the restrictions in the bilateral amf agreements for the 12-month period prior to the ENTRY into force of the WTO agreement. The combined use of pivots, transfers and transfers should not be limited or maintained in quantity. 1.

Members agreed that bypassing by transshipment, diversion, misrepresenting land or places of origin, and falsifying official documents nullifies the implementation of this agreement to integrate the textile and clothing sector into the 1994 GATT. Therefore, members should define the necessary legislation and/or administrative procedures to combat this circumvention and take action. Members also agreed that they would cooperate fully, in accordance with their national laws and procedures, to resolve issues arising from circumvention. 17. The administrative arrangements necessary for the implementation of this provision are agreed upon by the members concerned. These agreements are notified to the TMB.

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